Top ITI Courses In India

Top ITI courses in India

It is not necessary that everybody should be a doctor or an engineer. You can also be a technician or a mechanic. ITI courses are the best ways through which you can learn vocational skills. If you don’t want to pursue your higher education, then you can go for a diploma in several ITI courses. There are many ITI courses available that you can choose from. You can browse an ITI College Website to know more about these courses. All the courses are good in their own way and you have to choose the one that you liked the most. The educational qualification that you needed for perusing any ITI courses should be either 8th passed or 10th passed.



Electrician: there is nothing that we have to express about the word electrician. If you have just completed your matriculation and you are low skilled person then it could be a great course for you.


Carpenter: this course is also for low skilled candidates and you can take up the course right after your 10th. It is a course of minimum two years. It teaches you about how to be a good carpenter. You can get a clear idea about this course via a Dynamic ITI Website.


Plumber: nowadays, these jobs are very high on demand. You can easily become a certified plumber within 2 or 3 years.


Fitter: these courses are also for low skilled candidates. You can take up this course right after your matriculation. You can know more about eligibility and fee information on an ITI website portal.


Tool and die maker: it’s all about chemical engineering and you just have to know how to use them. It is an only one year course and you can diploma after completing this course.




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