Top ITI Courses

Top ITI Courses

Top ITI Courses

With more than 130 specialized courses, the centres of the Indian Industrial Training Institute (ITI) are located throughout the country. You can browse an ITI website portal in order to get all information about it.

Various programs providing training on different subjects from multiple fields or areas are taught at the ITIs in order to enable young people in India, gain expertise and earn livelihood. You can get a clear idea about these courses via exploring an ITI college website. The following are mentioned some of the top ITI courses:

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant: It covers fundamentals of computer knowledge and creates a strong base for students who want to explore more in this field. Computer hardware, coding system, etc. form a part of this.

Electrician: Installation, maintenance and repairs of electrical systems and equipments are covered in this course. Due to the ever-existing need for electricity, it is a highly rewarding career option, and hence is chosen by many.

Interior Decoration and Designing: With people becoming more aware about the planned designing of the interiors of their home and office, this is a much sought after field.

Turner: Workmen having the skill of turning wood on a lathe are required by large companies in the relevant industry. And so, this course offers high job prospects.

Architectural Draughtsmanship: It opens the new doors of opportunities for the students who aspire to make it big in the architecture field.

Baker and Confectioner: If you love to bake, this course can expand your creativity to the new levels. You can learn the insights of baking various desserts and master this art.

Well, the list is quite long, and one can select the course, most suitable for him according to his skills and aptitude to accomplish the goal of his life.


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